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It’s pretty easy to get recommendations for places to buy plants online – just check any planty Facebook group for lots of them. But not all are made equal.

The thing I’ve found a little frustrating, is that many recommended shops are extremely expensive, the staff are not very helpful, or plants badly looked after.

For example there’s one ‘hipster plant shop’ in London that sells medium sized golden pothos for £35 when an equivalent plant can easily be found in other London shops for under £20. Most shocking of all, they mislabelled it as a tradescantia (the horror!)

Liberty’s of London: a beautiful store, but not the best value or condition of plants

Genuinely good plant shops are hard to find

So I’ve started my own list of what I consider good plant shops in London and the South East – not just any old place that sells plants, but ones that are my go-tos.

Rose Clover Flowers – my local friendly florist and houseplant shop. Liz is great for a chat, advice, and often has her lovely dog in the shop too!

Dobbies – our nearest Dobbies (until recently a Wyevales). They have a small range of generally decent houseplants and plant care stock, and signing up to their membership scheme entitles you to more money off.

Garsons – a good garden centre, with good quality and a good range of houseplants – though can be a little pricey

And here are the rest of the ones I’ve visited and had a good experience at (I’ve visited plenty others, but they’ve been just ok, or underwhelming)

Online stockists

I tend not to buy plants online, because I like to see them in person before purchasing (to check size, condition, pests situation etc).

However there are a few online sellers I’ve used, and have had a good experience with:

  • Crocus – on the more expensive end of things, but perfect if you’re looking to send a houseplant as a gift throuh the post
  • PlantJunkie – Kimberley has great customer service and shares offers and deals through her Facebook page
  • Rainforestvivs (ebay) – good value small plants, especially with flat rate postage of £4
  • Taktan2012 (ebay) – generally good value plants, ideal for starting small

There are probably plenty of others that folks can recommend – look out for ratings and reviews, as well as information about how they ship, to make sure you’re getting a good, healthy specimen.

Happy shopping! 🛍️

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