Golden pothos trailing



I have quite a few plants already, but there are a couple that I’m on the look our for:

  • Unusual peperomia – like Frost Emerald, Pink Lady, Chameleon and Columella
  • Pothos – Jade, Snow Queen, Pearls and Jade
  • Hoya – Kerrii, Obvata, Polyneura, Australis
  • Philodendron Silver Stripe ‘rio’, Brazil ‘tricolor’ / ‘cream splash’, Cebu Blue, Brandtianum
  • Monstera Peru, Standleyana
  • Scindapsus Treubii dark form
  • Callisia – Repens and Rosato
  • Pilea peperomiodes ‘sugar splash’
  • Crassula calico
  • Xerosicyos danguyi ‘silver dollar vine
  • Senecio Peregrinus ‘string of dolphins’
  • Caladiums – pretty much any bulbs

What I have for swaps

Trailing plants

I usually either have some of these rooting in water, or otherwise can take a fresh cutting if you’re happy to root it yourself.

Golden pothos, grown from cuttings


These I’ll usually have as cut leaves if you’re happy to cultivate them to maturity, but some are available as rooted baby plants

  • Peperomia polybotyra ‘Raindrop’
  • Peperomia quadrangularis / angulata ‘Rocca Verde’
  • Peperomia quadrangularis / angulata ‘Rocca Scurro’
  • Peperomia prostrata ‘String of Turtles’
  • Peperomia trifolia / rotundifolia
  • Peperomia pepperspot
  • Peperomia argyreia ‘Watermelon’
  • Peperomia orba
  • Peperomia pecunifolia ‘Hope’
  • Peperomia caperata ‘Luna Red’
  • Pepperomia albovitatta ‘Rana Verde’
  • Peperomia verticillata ‘ Red Log’
Peperomia rotundifolia

Succulent type plants

Usually available as fresh leaves ready for propagation, or rooting leaves.

  • Sedum rubrotinctum ‘Jellybean plant’
  • Sedum morganianum ‘Burro’s tail’
  • Kalanchoe daigremontiana ‘Mother of thousands’
  • Crassula ovata ‘Jade plant’
  • Crassula Marnieriana Hottentot ‘String of Buttons / jade necklace’

Other foliage plants

These are usually available as either rooted, rooting, or fresh cuttings.

Unvariegated spider plant