Plant care basics

Plant chat, the person behind the Jungle, and more

Instagram is a great place for connecting with other people in your communities, and so I was chuffed to be contacted by the lovely Lou at the beautiful Southsea Folk magazine to ask if they could feature me (!) in their next issue. 

The magazine is one of my favourite coffee table publications, not least because it features the fascinating arty independent folks who make Southsea such a wonderful place to live.

Though I’m largely anonymous through Southsea Jungle, I thought it was a great opportunity to spread my love of houseplants, so agreed happily.

A few weeks later, we met and caught up over a cuppa, took my photo for the magazine, and recorded a podcast with the lovely John too.

Social distancing, with plants

It all seems like a very long time ago, now that the coronavirus outbreak has truly made its impact felt here in the UK. But as Lou says, with all of us staying at home, and with limited access to the outdoors, what better time to get to know your foliaged friends better?

Research has shown that being in greener spaces, even indoors, improves mood and reduces stress, which we all need right now in these scary and anxious times. And if like me you’re working from home, a greener workspace improves productivity, attention span, and speed.

Check out Southsea Folk

You can listen to our chat Episode 13 of the Southsea Folk podcast here.

And look out for the new edition of the magazine coming through your letterboxes soon. For those who don’t live locally and won’t get a print copy, here’s my portrait and text.

Lianne of Southsea Jungle, by Billie Rae Photography
Photo credit to the awesome Bille Rae.

“There’s something really lovely about getting your hands stuck into soil – I find pottering about with houseplants almost meditative. But best of all is the feeling when you get it just right, and they flourish. 

“I’m certainly no botanist – like most people, I’ve had my fair share of compost heap casualties! But I set up Southsea Jungle as a way to share my personal houseplant experiences with friends, family, and anyone else who might find it useful. 

“I’ve learned so much from some wonderful plant communities and people, and I’m paying it forward.”