About Southsea Jungle

After finally being able to buy and move into our first home in Southsea, Portsmouth, we felt able to bring nature into our lives the way we’d always wanted to.

A year into plant parenthood, I decided it was time to set up a separate Instagram account, to connect and share with others who love plants, while also reducing the plant spam to my IRL friends!

And so @SouthseaJungle was born.

Join us on our plant parenthood journey…

Sharing plant advice

I’m often sending my advice on plant care to friends and family who are getting started with houseplants. Though I’m no botany expert, I’m love sharing my experience to help others also find the joy of houseplants

So here it is, written up properly – for friends and family, and anyone else who might find it useful 🌱💚

Pests and health Plant care basics Species advice Useful resources

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